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DSI Services Inc. is a transportation company located in Central New York. It's not your average company. We offer the complete "Partnership in Customer Service." Whether you want to just move your material from point A to Point B or use our complete reload system, we have dedicated ourselves to being the Premier Transportation Company of the future.

We may have exactly what you have been looking for. We have a division that is dedicated to distributing wooden utility poles in the Northeast, with self-unloaders for your convenience. Flatbed Trucking. A transload division, that specializes in railcar unloading to flatbed deliveries, saving you the time and effort of looking for trucks. General division that handles numerous commodities, from Aluminum to Zinc. Contact us today to see if we can help you with your transportation needs

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We Have Also Joined Jones Motor

Now As An Agent For Jones We Can Help Serve Your Needs Better Than Ever.

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